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AvisaParseh sets itself apart from others  with its customer obsession, passion for innovation, and commitment to operational excellence. We are Powered by our people, and our unified mission is to create safer, highest quality products for our customers. One by one, we are leading a movement to create a better future for everyone who comes in contact with us and with our products 

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A licensee of Faratech Technology Center ( one of the leading composite pipe technology centers in the world) AvisaParseh commenced its operation in 2014 in city of Zabol in the eastern part of Iran. Due to growing local and global demand for our GRP pipes and in order to provide better service to our customers, the second filament winding production line was commissioned in 2015.

Learn more about our past and present, our approach to sustainability and our corporates culture which is what we are most proud of.

What We DO

Optimized & Industry-ready solutions for Fluid Transfer Industry for All Types of Infrastructure Projects

For customers looking for high-quality composite piping systems , AvisaParseh offers a wide range of GRP piping options — each creating a positive impact in their projects.

 With years of  experience, most advanced technology, know-how and dedicated specialists we strive to tailor solutions to help our clients to complete their projects on budget and on time, meet their current and future needs and ambitions .


Creating high performance GRP-GRVE pipes using  energy efficient, fully automated, high technology continuous filament winding (CFW) in diameters 300-3000 mm.

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