No More Corrosion

No More Waste of Resources


GRP Pipes ?

Responding to Today's Needs


keeping the Future in Mind

Eco -Friendly

Low Weight - Easy and Cost Effective Installation



Smooth Inner Surface - Better Hydraulic Properties

Impervious to Corrosion - Pipeline Long Life Cycle

By virtue of its superior material characteristics, GRP pipes have become the Ultimate choice replacing steel, DI and Concrete pipes for transporting different Process fluids, sea water, raw water and potable water for different underground and aboveground applications. 

The single most reason why people go for GRP is the total corrosion resistance that this material offers. Well-engineered GRP pipelines can be totally forgotten after installation for its life period without cathodic protection or periodic maintenance.


High strength to weight Ratio

For the same strength, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic pipes weigh approximately half as much as aluminum and one seventh as much as stainless steel.

Environment Friendly

Requires lower energy to produce compare to steel pipes, and smooth inner surface requiring less pumping energy

Cost Effective installation

being 10 times lighter than concrete and 4 times lighter than steel, enables contractors to save on installation cost


Thanks to the new technology, GRP pipes are produced in various sizes (up to 3000 mm) , pressures and configuration which makes it easy to specify for any project

Resistance To Corrosion

Practically impervious to corrosion caused by fluids and surrounding pipeline environment

Smooth Inner surface

Better hydraulic properties compare to steel and ductile which enables the designers to down-size the pipeline and also save on pumping cost.

Earthquake Resistant

Specially designed unrestrained joints , absorbs the forces exerted on the pipeline by all kind of ground movements

Long life Cycle

Durability of composite material extends the life cycle of pipeline compared to other pipes made of traditional material. Lasts over 50 years.

Leak Free Joints

High quality restrained and unrestrained GRP joints guarantees the pipeline performance over long run.

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