Our Corporate Culture

What We are Most Proud Of

What Differentiates Us

One major reason why our customers have been loyal to AvisahParseh brand for years is our company values and philosophy which is the corner stone of our cooperate culture and whatever we do.

Our Culture

We understand that the companies that succeed are the ones that stay true to their core values. The ones who create a brand that employees and customers are proud to be associated with. We strongly believe that when a company gets its culture right and when the culture is aligned with strategy great things will happen  – –  Strategic goals like maximizing profit, customer satisfaction, employee retainment, productivity, building enduring brand will be a natural by product.  That is why we aim to combine physical, emotional, and logical elements into one exceptional experience ( we call it AVISPARSEH culture)  that we value as much as our customer, employees and all business partners do.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy reflects the purpose and the reason for our existence…..

“We believe serving and caring for mankind can change the world for better and we are here to do our part through whatever we do. That is what every single one of us believes in. “

Our Vision

Where We want to Be

To be one of the best customer centric companies locally and regionally. To be people’s first choice to work for and to create partnership and do business with.  

Our Mission

How We Will Get There

“Every day we come to work to relentlessly strive to be a premier company by producing highest quality products, constantly developing and upgrading new products through innovation and development of new technologies, Enabling businesses to thrive, helping our employees to fulfill their ambitions and dreams and the community to flourish, while remaining true to our core values and principles.

Our Core Values

Our Guiding Priniples

Ensuring we all work toward the same goal and share a common higher purpose. Our non-compromising principles which every single of us at AvisaParseh live by.

We Are Passionate

We are committed to our customers, our teams, and to each other. We are passionate about the company and its success. We know what we do make a difference in our society today and in the future. Our passion to achieve this common greater cause is what drives us even when we face challenges or unexpected setbacks.

We Are Humble

We are proud but have no ego. We admit our mistakes regardless of the hierarchy, learn from it, grow and then move on.  We always seek guidance from others for personal and professional improvement

Everyone Is A Leader

To us, leadership is not a noun but a verb. We believe each one of us is a leader. We listen, think, act and help others to grow, improve and make positive changes in their personal and professional lives

 We Act We Courage

Going out of our comfort zone. This mind set brings forth new Ideas. We know there is always more to achieve, so we are never afraid of exploring, pushing the boundaries, searching for new creative possibilities and challenging the status quo.

Are Respectful

We respect people for who they are, for their unique qualities, their knowledge, skills, and experiences as individuals and what they bring to the team. We create an  environment where everyone feels heard, safe, valued and important

We Exceed Expectations

We go beyond what is expected of us by providing outstanding services both internally to our coworkers and externally to our customers. We meticulously execute every single task, assignment and request no matter how small they seem to be

We Are Trustful

 Trust is the cornerstone; build trust and everything else will follow. We gain trust by being dependable, reliable, responsible, honest, accountable and by communicating openly and respectfully among ourselves and with our customers.

Achieve More With Less

Achieve more with less. Make the best use of our natural resources and be environmental conscious.Be efficient, effective, productive in all aspects of operation in order to reduce costs. This will enable us to provide the customers with our never compromising, high quality products at the lowest cost so they can benefit more from doing business with us