The Focal Point Accountable Company

Staying With Our Products and Customers

 committed to providing exceptional products coupled with a satisfying customer experience.  Our clients can expect unparalleled product support and service. Consultation, Engineering, Field installation, modification and project management services  offered for all of our products from a first class service department.

Engineering Services

Offering Customized End to End Engineering Solutions For Every Project

Civil Engineering

The Environment that the pipeline is installed and paying diligent attention to soil-pipeline system is key to ensure long time performance of the pipeline.  Our team of civil engineers are on hand to make suggestion and to assist the clients throughout the project design and construction phase 

  • Comprehensive thrust block calculations and details of construction for above ground and underground pipelines.
  • Construction Drawings.
  • Detail Drawings for special installation cases such as : sub aqueous installation; casing of GRP pipe; Pipe-jacking and trench less installation; pipeline trench, bedding and back fill details
  • Design of pipeline support
  • Design of manhole and inspection pits.
  • Technical and financial Comparative analysis of GRP pipes with other piping systems based on project specifications.
  • Drop calculation

Project Management

Working Along Side Our Clients To Ensure That The Project is

Finished On Budget And On Time.

Piping Engineering

 Early incorporation of our Value Engineering team during the design phase ensures maximum effectiveness and operation of pipeline. With years of experience and using the most advanced technologies and softwares , our piping department staff are prepared to guide and assist you with all of your pipeline design requirements.

  • System Design and Drafting Services.
  • Design analysis.
  • Translating layout drawings to isometric drawings.
  • Stress and flexibility analysis.
  • Surge, water-hammer, and fluid flow analysis.
  • Seismic analysis.
  • Hydraulic calculations.
  • Design of pipe supports, anchors, guides and thrust blocks.
  • Dynamic and static analysis and vibration prediction control.
  • FEM analysis for pressure vessels, nozzles and piping components.
Delivering project success through effective and efficient planning, the right team and rigorous controls and creating the right delivery strategy for our clients small and large projects 
  • Developing an overall project execution plan and workflow.
  • Monitoring project progress and milestones using Industry best practices and software packages.
  • Managing and controlling changes and variations.
  • Attending site, client and End User meetings.
  • Managing installation queries and site technical assistance.
  • Preparing product design and component solutions.
  • Developing specifications reviews and product selection.
  • Validating the project design calculations.
  • Preparing product qualification programs according to international standards.
  • Controlling technical documentation and End User submittals.
  • Providing computer aided design services including isometric and construction drawings.
  • Managing On-site assistance requests.

After Sales Services

Here Is Where Our Most Important Commitment And Responsibility

To Our Client Begins

Providing our customers with the best experience is our core business philosophy. Our commitment to every single clients starts with delivering highest quality GRP Piping systems and continues with the best on time services they deserve.

  • Project Execution Procedures
  • Training and certification of clients personnel
  • Installation services by our specialized team
  • Supervisory services for installation by clients
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Technical support & problem solving
  • QA-QC Services.
  • HSE and Safety Procedures.
  • Troubleshooting and repair.