Building on our Past

For a Greater Future

 Rich History in Serving Industries and People

We strongly believe That our success is rooted in creating value for our customers, serving our community, preserving the environment and making positive change in the world we live in

Years of Service and Commitment

 To GRP Piping Industry  

What do we promise?

We create value for our customers across diverse industries which we serve, while preserving the environment and serving the local and international community. Everyone at Avisaparseh is passionate and devoted in pursuit of practical, innovative and elegant solutions to complex and difficult challenges in composite GRP industry, always pushing the limits and the possibilities. 

What do we believe in?

We know it to be true that courageous, knowledgeable, dedicated people with enough commitment to each other, passionate about what they do, with the purpose of serving and caring for mankind can change the world for better. This is what every single one of us believes in.

Our Past and Present

GRP Pipe Production Division

With close cooperation with its valued customers and in order to respond to the needs of the market ,  AvisaParseh GRP pipe Production Division Commenced its operation under the license of Faratech Technology Centr (one of the leading composite and GRP pipe technology centers in the world) in 2012 in city of Zabol located in the eastern part of Iran. A year later and in response  to growing local and global demand for Avisaparseh GRP piping systems the second filament winding production line was commissioned in the same location.  

Unsaturated Polyester Resin Production Division

AvisaParseh unsaturated polyester resin manufacturing division was born through merger and consolidating the expertise, know-how and technological capabilities acquired by Shimi Resin and Poya Resin, 2 of the oldest and most prominent polymer and chemical manufacturing companies which had served the composite and chemical market for 30 years. Over these years, our ambition has been to make a positive impact in GRP pipe producing market by providing best quality resin systems in order to assure long service life for GRP pipe lines and other types of composite structures such as chemical processing vessels. 

Our Core Business Philosophy and Strategic Focus

 We believe our success is tied to that of our customers. Using years our  expertise, technology and know-how we strive to tailor solutions to help our clients to maximize their market share, meet their current and future needs and ambitions.For customers looking for high-quality GRP & GRVE piping systems AvisaParseh offers a wide range of options — each creating a positive impact in their business.


Committed to People – Product – Environment

Our Culture

What Differentiates AvisaParseh

The Root Cause for Our Success 

Research and Development

Courage to go Far and Beyond


State of Art Processing Equipment and Control Systems

Our Mission

“Every day we come to work to relentlessly strive to be a premier company by producing highest quality products, constantly developing and upgrading new products through innovation and development of new technologies, Enabling businesses to thrive, helping our employees to fulfill their ambitions and dreams and the community to flourish, while remaining true to our core values and principles.

Our Vision

To be one of the best customer centric companies locally and regionally. To be people’s first choice to work for and to create partnership and do business with.  

Our Philosophy

“We believe serving and caring for mankind can change the world for better and we are here to do our part through whatever we do. That is what every single one of us believes in. “